Getting a BUC Home Loan Before Completion of Your House: What You Need to Know?

By Amanda Goh Getting a BUC Home Loan Before Completion of Your House: What You Need to Know? |Updated 7 Jan 2022 3 minutes

BUC Home Loans Guide

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Buildings under construction (BUC) are projects that have not been completed yet. If you are considering purchasing a BUC property, you should apply for a home loan at the same time. We will help you understand more about BUC home loans and why you should get one before your property is completed.

While BUCs seem self-explanatory, these type of properties only refer to private properties. BUC can come in various forms, whether it is a new launch or a project that is near completion. 

There are also various reasons as to why people may choose BUCs over resale properties. These include:
  • More modern facilities and features
  • Discounts 
  • Wider choice of units
  • More appealing

That said, there may also be risks that come along with purchasing a BUC. One risk would be that the developer may delay the project if sales do not meet a certain threshold. You will also not be able to know how a completed unit will look like, until the project is completed.


Important Information

Note that there is no rule stating whether BUCs are a good or bad choice. This will depend on the individual and the current market conditions.

Before purchasing a BUC, you should also know about the specific home loans that will be required.

BUC Loans

When you purchase a BUC, a Progressive Payment Scheme (PPS) will follow. This scheme works as such:

  • Pay a 5% OTP fee in cash
  • Sign the agreement and pay off the remaining 15% down payment
  • Settle any relevant stamp duties

Once you have completed the relevant steps for this scheme, loan disbursal will then begin. The loan disbursement and repayments typically make up 80% of purchase price.

Completion of Repayment (%)
Foundation 10%
Concrete framework 10%
Walls 5%
Ceilings 5%
Internal plumbing, door and window frames and wirings 5%
Roads, drains, carpark 5%
Receipt of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) 25%
Completion 15%
Total 80%

The table above shows that you should be getting your home loan before the TOP date (the date at which residents can move in). This is as the developer would be expecting to receive at least 40% of the loan amount by this time. 

This means you should not procrastinate getting a home loan. Fortunately, your monthly instalments during the construction period will be must lower. This is as BUC loans given by banks are usually floating rates — if interest rates decline, monthly instalments will too.

Using CPF for Property Purchases

Although you may also use CPF to cover the remaining down payment, it is a prerequisite that you get an approved BUC loan first. 


Important Information

While the sequence of payment is: OTP fee, remaining down payment, loan disbursement, the prerequisites do not follow this order. Thus, you must get your BUC home loan before you can use your CPF to cover the remaining fees.

Plan Ahead

Getting started on the process of receiving a home loan early is essential, even for a BUC. This will help you increase your chances of getting good deals, further giving you a peace of mind in the long term.

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